2011-18 Council Achievements

"There is no other councilmember who's put words-to-action like I have over the last 8 years. Others can lay claim to these things - but  the actions of a proven leader speak louder than words."

(***) Council goal setting requires going the extra mile  (additional time above and beyond the call of duty). Setting goals as city priorities also requires council consensus (No other council member has set a personal City goal within their tenure - I set three). **  Personal Challenge for the greater good of community. * Led in Resource solutions

(***) City Recreation Goal set 2012 – 2018. This goal has resulted in FTE's (recreation cordinator and assistant); An On-line City recreation activities guide. My leadership also has led to a dedicated recreation fund and revenues sponsorship concept to help keep the library open longer and save taxpayers money. To include an outreach and civic engagement coordination opportunity concept to gain support for City goals that benefit community. Current community events as a result of my efforts: annual egg hunt, and Latino fest, Pop up in the park, Movies and music in the park, etc. PRAB Council Liason 2011 - 2015 - Strongest advocate for City Parks and recreation programs and services to date.

(***) Economic Development Goal set 2013 – 2018. This goal has resulted in Enterprise and Vertical Housing Development Zone (VHDZ) attracting small business investments and capital improvements … and brought developer investments of over $72 million dollars into our Down Town and Hunziker Industrial area.

(***) Homeless Goal set 2016 – 2018. This goal led to panhandling and encampment policy discussion, etc., leading to, “As part of the goal, the Task Force for the Homeless was created to develop immediate and future actions that the city could take to address homelessness” (COT Web Site). A significant milestone was accomplished when a day shelter for the homelessness was acquired by the Just Compassion organization. I've also championed the ideal since 2016 to invest in a recreation/homeless cordinator and multi-use van to benefit both programs. 

(**) 2011 – 2018 – Championed City Performance Audits before asking more of tax payers. I was the only councilor who “Voted NO on Measure 34-283, Operation and Capital Levy,” 15 May 2018 for lack of spends efficiency data. On 12 June 18, council unanimously recommended City Performance Audits with Publically Informed Oversight before asking more of tax payers (A huge victory for the people of Tigard). A bigger victory with the defeat of BM34-283, as of 16 Oct 18, City coucil unnanamously approved City Resolution to begin City Performance Audits over a two year period (FY19/20) with council review to consider continuance before its expiration date.

(*) 2011 - 2018 - Vice Chair MACC (Metropolitan Area Communications Commission) - Executive budget and finance board and committee member. As Tigard's jurisdictional voice - led to the following City benefits received from 2011-18: PEG/PCN Grants $214,801 for Tigard public broadcast equipment upgrades, $4,018,267 in Franchise fee for the General Fund. Received and estimated $95,000 (Sept 2018) from a 1milllion cost share from efficient business operations. $142,000 2013 Civic Studio (paid by MACC/TVCTV.

(**) 2011 - 2018 - Council Representative Attending Annual NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association) and ORPA (Oregon Recreation and Parks Association) National conferences and leading in the Cities 5-year recreation plan which is still a City goal priority. The strongest advocate for City Parks and Recreation resources and revenues generation to save taxpayer money.

(**) 2012 - Present - Strongest advocate that led to the Tigard Street encampment cleanup along the abandoned rail road track wooded area. Whereas I've painted a recreation use vision the City council and PRAB membership agree a competitive BMX bike track is an attractive project for recreational events coordination endeavor which could be partially funded by our hotel/motel tax fee. I also led in the Heritage trail walking path design and plaza space development in coordination with the Rotary Club members and American legion command staff.  Total involvement with others support and influence led to $1.3million+ in heritage trail projects.

(***) 2011 - 2015 PRAB (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Liaison - 2016-18 alternate). Resulting in the Cities 5 year Recreation plan and seeding the initial budget - The voice to provide a budget and has kept City Recreation moving forward toward tourism event revenues generation, cost recover & sustainable ops.

(*) 2011- 2013 - PRAB (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Liaison) I led in support of the priority and criteria process of acquiring over 105 acres of new park and open space land from the Tigard voters passed $17million general obligation bond to purchase $12m+ in real property. Leveraging over $6million in of grant and local agency contributions to the program

(*) 2012 - Strongest and most supportive Advocate for increased Police Services – In 2012 I identified and recommended City Franchise fees be increased from 3.5% - 5% which increased our FTE by 4. In 2017 again I supported an increase of 3-4 police officers.

(**) Traveled to Washington D.C. 6 years as a City delegate in support of League of Cities legislative efforts that benefit 241 incorporated cities, which also included multiple federal, state and county grants for Tigard.

(**) Walkable City Vision – I inserted the word healthy into the most walkable city vision statement. The word healthy is an important benefit received when city design motivates people to walk more which also keeps us more fit while reducing carbon emissions and vehicle congestion.

(**) 2011 - 2018 Annual Budget Committee Member - Most vocal in support of Police officers, City Recreation, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), PEER court and keeping the library open on Thursdays.