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Learn More About Woodard Family History and Connection to the Park's namesake.

Former Tigard Councilor Woodard Advocates for Accountable & Trustworthy Leadership

Although I didn't win the bid for Mayor in 2019 does not mean the issues I fought for aren't important to thousands of hard working Tigard residents and small business owners in 2019 and beyond: Traffic Congestion Relief, Affordable Housing and public Transportation, City Performance Audits with Publically Informed Oversight, Tax Reform, City Recreation, Sidewalks, Homelessness, Parks & River Terrace Development and booming Urban Renewal Area (URA) in Downtown and Tigard Triangle areas.

Anyone who's watched me deliberate from 2011-18 understand my passion is the people's passion for sake and health of our children, hardworking families and small business owners and the next generation. See [achievement 2011-18], also [Press Release] tab.

Through citizen advocacy and oversight I can help anyone make sense of council policy, and priorities, and budget deliberation and decisions that matter to you.

As a former city councilor who served eight years on council - I offer anyone in Tigard an advocacy voice for any city government process, policy, ordinance, or land use issue, etc., or help to redirect communication focus by messaging a public statement prior and/or during a council or public hearing meeting. I also provide information and insight if interested in volunteering for a board, committee or task force; or as a non-profit applying for a city grant for events and social services; or Downtown business looking to apply for an Urban Renewal grant. And if interested in running for City council I can definitely help in this area. 

Good government unfortunately requires consumer advocacy and oversight to hold your elected officials accountable for their actions and inactions; and decisions during the good times as well as the bad.

"Now is not the time to be silent on how City government spends your hard earned tax dollars. As a community advocate for Sustainable and Affordable government services, programs and projects, I continue to be a voice over special interests that don't put your interests first. And this includes: when the cities spending culture, leadership, policy and processes don't make economic, social and political sense for the people of Tigard.

To help give you that advocacy voice - Comments are accepted through the contact tab above to begin the coordination process ... I do accept contributions for "Citizens to Elect Marc Woodard."  This political organization is registered with ORESTAR - "The system developed by the Secretary of State to disclose campaign finance activity is called the Oregon Elections System for Tracking and Reporting, or commonly referred to as 'ORESTAR."

By keeping Tigard City services, programs and policies affordable and sustainable through leadership who puts your interests first  - we also take care of the next generation.

See the support and donate tab. You can also view my advocacy efforts at: and/or sign up for the E-newsletter below.